Sub-domain in variable

Hi guys,

I have question. My server_name looks like this:

server_name ~^(www.)(?[^.]).(?[^.])$;

but I need, for my website do subdomains. I try:


but won’t work for me. And what will be super, if subdomain emtpy se to
default (mean string “default”).

Can me anybody help?

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Check your subdomain regex. Right now, if will only work if your
subdomain is a dot :wink:

It should be (?[^.]*) or (?[^.]+)


Thanks lot, but still wont to work.
And how i set $subdomain to “default” if subdomain doesnt exists?

I try this:

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Ok, I love u :D! Work perfectly… I solved all thx :slight_smile:

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The “www” part is probably causing a problem too. As the regex is
written it will only match “www...” which I’m
guessing isn’t what you intent. I would instead treat “www” as another
possible subdomain.


Note I haven’t tested this, but it’s similar to a pattern I’ve used. The
$subdomain variable will be either the subdomain, “www”, or will be
empty. It would need some more tweaking to handle multiple subdomains


What is the working form of this? I want to redirect all ..* to .
sub.domain.tld to domain.tld) because I have different domains and
Any help appreciated.

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