Sub Directories in the Assets Folder

New to working with Rails assets, and have been having a hard time
finding a solution to what I am doing. I have some jQuery files along
with css and images, organized into folders based on the feature I am
using, all with relative paths. For instance, JqueryFolder will have a
js, css, images, etc. inside of itself - all linking to each other. I’m
looking to load all of the js, css, & image files into the assets for
certain pages only without having to change all of the relative paths.
Am I better off not placing it in the assets folder at all and just
using paths - for the css and js files - related to the root directory
of the application? Not sure the best way to do this. The assets thing
doesn’t seem to be helping me here… or maybe I just don’t understand
it fully… Any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Just keeping using the public folder for things like this? Is this bad?