Stylesheet instead of actual page


I just installed radiant 0.8.0 on a shared server. I’m seeing an issue
where the styles.css is displayed when I click any links. After a
refresh it loads the expected page. I have the roasters default set up
at the moment. I deleted all cached pages and that seemed to work, but
on returning to the site from a different machine I’m getting raw css
instead of the content I expect. Anyone come across this? How can I
resolve the issue?


I also faced same type of problem and searched a lot to find out
solution but did not get success.If you will get any solution to this
problem then please reply me…

Kristain Mark
On-site Coordinator
Data recovery


in my case the issue was being caused by caching.

I commented out this line in environment.rb “config.middleware.use
::Radiant::Cache” and deleted any cached pages from my public directory
and all was well.

I still need to go back and sort out the caching but while I’m just
getting started I can live with it.