Stuck on RESTful / Ajax / IE issue


I can’t get a delete action to trigger (no response at all in Firebug
lite, or in the development.log) in my RESTful app with an AJAX delete
link. The following link works fine in Firefox and I have a report that
it worked for someone in IE7, though for me it hasn’t worked in either
IE6 or 7.

Here is my route:

map.resources :saved_listings

In my application I have this link:


And here is my SavedListingsController:

The strangest thing here is that there is absolutely NO feedback from IE
when I click on the link and my rails app development.log doesn’t show
any request/error whatever. It’s as if nothing happened at all.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent well over 2
hrs going in circles on this with no progress… hate stuff like this.

If someone has an idea of what the problem could be and wants to contact
me directly (I’ll post whatever the resolution turns out to be back to
the group) you can reach me on AIM at NL7XF. I can give you an address
to the actual website too.

Also, I’m willing to pay for someone’s time if you think you can help
find the problem…


Loren J.
FN Group, LLC