Stuck in railsinstaller for Windows at Step 5: opening RoR in Sublime

railsinstaller for Windows:

  1. *[This is actually Step 5:] *The remaining steps will require you
    have a text editor. There are various text editors you can use out
    but I’ll put one below that is fairly popular in the developer
  • Visit link to download: Sublime Text

  • After downloading and installing Sublime Text you’ll need to
    its command line functionality:

  • Open up the folder containing your SublimeText.exe file. Should be
    under something like:

    C:\Program Files\Sublime_Text_2.exe

    • Copy that .exe file and paste it into the same folder. Rename
      copied file to something like “subl” or whatever command you want
      to use to
      call it from the command prompt

    • Copy the file path of your current folder or the folder that
      contains your newly created subl.exe file

    • Right click on “My Computer”, click on “Advanced System
      click on “Environment Variables”, scroll down to the system
      variables on
      the bottom and find a variable called “Path”, click “Edit”. Now
      type a
      semicolon “;” and paste the path that you copied earlier. Now exit
      out of
      everything by clicking “OK” and restart your Command Line Prompt

    • You can now visit the folder of your rails application and open
      your new rails app with Sublime Text

      $ cd railsinstaller_demo

      $ subl .

      1. *[This is actually Step 6:] *Now that you have your rails
        demo app open in the text editor

Um… yeah, not so much:

I’ve followed all the directions up to this point, and everything I’ve
told to install has installed without error, but as far as I can tell, I
not “have my rails demo app open” in Sublime Text. Typing “subl .” in
command prompt just re-ran the Sublime Text installer. Launching it now
see no sign of my railsinstaller_demo app, I have no idea how to open
or if I have even afforded myself that capability yet. Which means I’m
a standstill.

Help! Thank you…


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