Stuck in production mode

I have a very very bizarre problem. I have a Rails project that as
some point got wedged into production mode. Some operation that I’ve
or something performed that seems to be preventing from any standard
rails development mode features from operating.

I cannot get any logging level below info to appear in the logs or
in the server console output. I cannot get any breakpoints to work
(they are ignored). Logging still seems to go to development.log, but
the log output is similar to Production mode output, no query traces,
no profiles, no debug, warning or any manually entered logger
messages work.

I’ve gone over and combed through my environment files, and any other
files. I’ve reverted all my changes from source control. I’ve also
tried pulling down a new copy into a new location, and it still
doesn’t work. This happens under mongrel, lighttpd, and webrick.
Stranger still, other rails applications work just fine. The same
application that is having problems works fine on other machines.
Just this one machine, this one particular app has stopped running
debug options.

Is there any possibility that rails could be caching some sort of
state somewhere other than in the application folders? This is
driving me absolutely crazy.

Sean W.
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I found out that I’m actually an idiot. A before filter in the
controller was preventing the code from executing.

The sky is not falling…

The white mouse will not explode.

(I guess posting to this board helps you realize when you really mess

Sean W.
master nerd of
i heart squares, inc.

3711 N. Ravenswood Ave. #147 Chicago, IL 60613

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