Structuring RoR systems

Sorry if this ismay seem a naive question. But I am considering using
for a quite sizable project involving 10-15 developers. I am very
experience with other technologies such as Java and C++, and I would
know how to structure a system so that different developers can work
with different parts of the system without stepping on each others toes.
In Java I could use eclipse and have different projects for the DAO, the
application layer, the web layer, etc etc.

With MVC model in RoR and the way RoR projects are structured I am a not
sure how to structure a project. Clearly I certain Ruby components could
be separated out in separate projects.

What are the common ways that larger projects have been structured to
facilitate effective development (turn around leveraging the MVC model)
and at the same time separating system structures into manageable

Thanks a lot of any feedback, and sorry if this was the wrong forum. But
I did not see any on more general applications engineering.

Jari K.

On Feb 8, 8:54 am, Jari K. [email protected] wrote:

With MVC model in RoR and the way RoR projects are structured I am a not

Jari K.

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Hi Jari.

Yes, this is the wrong forum for that :wink:
There’s a RubyOnRails specific list¹ where you can ask that.



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