Streamlined - inset_table or membership in edit_view

for some reason, i cannot get this to work…

this is the very last piece of this entire project that is needed for
completion, and it’s totally stumping me…

what i have is a relationship in edit view that is showing up as
a :select. i would like it to show up as an inset_table (i think… i
would like it to show up just like it does in list view, when edit is
selected…)… but i just can’t seem to get anything but :select to
show up…

i see there is another post to this list, but it looks like it was
never resolved…

here is what my edit view looks like:

module CareerAdditions

Career.class_eval { include CareerAdditions }

Streamlined.ui_for(Career) do
user_columns :title,
:schools, {:edit_view => [:filter_select]},

the relationship between schools and careers is:


i have also tried changing “user_columns” to “edit_columns” with no

if anyone has any ideas, i would throw you massive karma points…

thanks in advance…