Streamlined Framework

Im trying to install streamlined by “gem install streamlined” in
wondows 2003. But when executing I get a error as follows.

ERROR: While executing gem … (Gem::GemNotFoundException)
Could not find streamlined (> 0) in the repository

As per some group discussions I have deleted “source_cache” file in
the gem path dir. Still I get the error message.

Please suggest some way to install it

Thanks in advance.

It’s not available through gems yet.
Go there and follow instructions.


For following the link do I have to install streamlined? If so, thts
where I get the error.

Under the download section:
For now, Streamlined is available in compiled .gem format only. You
can currently download it from this server using the following link:

Save it to wherever you want and then (if you saved it to c:)
gem install c:\Streamlined…

Hope that helps.