Stray questions



I’ve been googling and go through the forum, and I can’t find the
answers so some stray questions.

A) If I have a render :partial is there a way to get rid of the trailing
newline? <%- and -%> don’t work. Is the
an essential part of the

B) I have a set of relationships where A has_many Bs, each B belongs_to
A. I am making the connection through the database, with ids that are
named after the tables, with an a_id in every one

et cetera

I have gotten this to work a dozen times, with no real problem, and it
works with the same object. The only difference is that I add

But now, fairly late in the game, I am getting an error that says

uninitialized constant SpreadType::Abstractleg

there isn’t anything objectionable in the source, but here are the
relevant parts. I dont think I have a pluralization typo or something

People say that the mysql tables get kinda messy sometimes and that they
need to be reinitialized every once in a while. Frankly, that kind of
talk scares me. But what are the steps for reinitializing?

I am running on Debian Linux.

  1. I also get a scary error when I try to install the ruby-gems
    debugging package. Should I just switch OSes? What is the VERY BEST OS
    for doing ruby work?


Sorry: This belongs on teh Rails list, not the ruby list.

I’ll post it there

Peter K. wrote:


I’ve been googling and