Strange zentest/rspec behavior


Wondering if anyone can help me here? I’m tearing my hair out. I
have a spec that works fine when run singly, but fails if run as part
other tests (autospec). It does not depend on anything, and
everything it needs is mocked/stubbed.

The spec looks like this:

it "should find inactive users" do

sleep 1

  Online.cached_find_inactive.should == [@online.user_id,


Where the various @onlines are set in before_each thus:

@online1 = =>, :status => 2)

Users are just standard users loaded from the fixtures. System TTL is
just the time to live used to determine if a user is inactive and the
UUID is a cache buster to keep Rails.cache.fetch from caching the
value (I’ve checked. It’s not).

Up until about three hours ago it was all working fine and I’ve rolled
back all of my changes. However, no matter what I do now, when
autospec runs all the tests, this is the result:

‘Online keepalive should find inactive users’ FAILED
expected: [1, 2],
got: [] (using ==)

(line 76 is the last line of the spec, above: Online.cached_find…)

However if autospec runs the spec individually or I run it from the
textmate rspec bundle, it passes.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.