Strange routing error

I am trying to populate a select element based on the selection change
in another select element, all this via ajax.

I created a custom action called getsubcat and added it to my

map.resources :gcertsteps, :has_many => [:merchants], :collection =>
{:getsubcat => :get}

my getsubcat action is pretty simple, it just returns a hash, does not
even hit the db. For some reason the ajax call is actually calling
the #show method not the getsubcat method and I get an error that
says…can’t find <model_name> with id=subcat!!

Why is the show action being called when I am specifically calling the
getsubcat action?

<%= f.input :category_name, :as => :select, :collection =>
Gcertstep::CATEGORIES.keys %>
<%= observe_field :gcertstep_category_name, :url => {:action =>
“getsubcat”}, :method => :get, :frequency => 0.5, :with =>
“‘category_name=’ + encodeURIComponent(value)” %>

Baffling…any ideas?


Hi, can you post the whole routes.rb file content?

2010/5/8 badnaam [email protected]