Strange Problem with inclusion of images and stylesheets

We are a small team working on a rails app and the webserver is
running on Ubuntu and using fcgid.

We are running rails in development mode. As i know, to include a image
css or javascript, one can use plain HTML style of inclusions like:
< img src=""> , or rails way of including things
<%= javascript_include %> <%= image_tag(" ", ) %>.

The webserver root directory is “/var/www” and our unstable application
under “/var/www/foo”. Now…all of us has a working directory in
“/var/www/{user_name}/foo” where we do our work…test it and finally
it to “/var/www/foo”( before that we move it to SVN :slight_smile: )

Now…lets say i include a image using in my
copy of program and move this change to /var/www/foo, and assuming i
the file foo.jpg in /var/www/foo/public/images/ directory, the image
gets broken somehow. Now if i put the link
will work from /var/www/foo also.

While…Rails way of including images,css work flawlessly, normal HTML
way of
including things break a little.Now…our designer a non ruby/rails
doesnt a
thing about them.

Any solution guys?