Strange php-fpm problem

Hi folks

Not strictly an Nginx issue, but got some great advice on php-fpm here
before so though I’d trade on your generosity…


  1. php-fpm is running fine on Ubuntu 12

  2. I stupidly configure xdebug to run on the same port as php-fpm and
    try to restart php-fpm

  3. I correct the misconfiguration, but now php-fpm won’t start at all,
    even after a reboot.

  4. The only diagnostics I can find are in boot.log: “Starting FastCGI
    server: No servers have been defined.” No hits at all for this in
    Google. I have set up a pool which was working fine before the


  1. If I run “>service php5-fpm start” there is a long pause, then the
    shell outputs “killed”

  2. There is nothing in the php5-fpm log, even with log level debug, so
    it seems to hit the issue early in the process.

  3. I’ve tried restarting with the xdebug config commented out, and with
    Nginx stopped.

  4. I’ve tried rebooting

  5. There’s no orphaned pid file in /var/run, and no php-fpm processes

I’ve run out of ideas. Any help would be more than welcome.

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Discovered that xcache and xdebug are not compatible. For some reason,
after trying to run them together php-fpm wouldn’t start even though I
had disabled xdebug. Disabling both xcache and xdebug has fixed the
issue. Now I have to figure out how to get xcache working again…

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