Strange output of url_for always returns assets?*

Hello All,

I have a problem using url_for() or redirect_to(), etc.

For example if I do:
url_for :action => ‘foo’, :controller =>‘blah’

I expect to get:

but always get:

The same occur for any action of any controller than I use.

Have I some miss on my configurations or some think like?

Thank you,


After numerous changes I found the solution.

If you have

config.assets.enabled = true

in your configuration you need use brackets

url_for {:action => ‘foo’, :controller => ‘blah’}

or puts the :controller in the first place

url_for :controller => ‘blah’, :action => ‘foo’



I had the same issue because I hadn’t added the route to the routes.rb.
After adding the route, the problem disappeared.