Strange error message

I have this link for an expiration date of a credit card and when you
click on that link you can edit that expiration date of the credit card
through two drop-downs. On the year drop down when u select a year a
remote_function call is made to say the new expiration year and to
revert that value back to a link. Everything works fine on my local
machine but when I put it up on the server it doesnt work and it give
some weird:

Filter chain halted as
@filter=:ensure_proper_protocol>] returned false.

Has anyone ever seen this error and are there any suggestions on how to
get it to work. I’m using Rails 1.8 something. Thanks,


On Jul 11, 4:05 pm, Shandy N. [email protected]

@filter=:ensure_proper_protocol>] returned false.

That’s not an error. Upto rails 1.2.6 (rails 1.8 doesn’t exists, you
probably mean ruby 1.8) returning false from a before_filter halts the