Strange deployment problem w/ phpmyadmin

I’ve got a strange problem and it’s either related to phpmyadmin or my
nginx setup. Since the primary purpose of the site is rails, I’ll go
ahead and ask my question here…

On phpmyadmin, when i submit anything, the url changes from to

(notice the trailing period.) That of course, results in an error… the
query still goes through so it’s not the end of the world, but it’s
highly highly inconvenient. Anyone have any ideas where to look?

My stack:

Ubuntu Feisty
Nginx 0.4.13
phpmyadmin 2.9.11

Thanks in advance…


That’s just bizarre. The obvious place to look is in the file and make sure the domain is set correctly. I
believe PMA has the option to force a domain, although normally it can
auto-detect. Even if it’s not a config problem you might be able to
work around it that way.

On May 16, 10:18 am, “Vince W.” [email protected]