Strange behaviour in Currency

I installed Globalize today wo any problem…

config/environment.rb :

include Globalize

date is correctly localized, static texte too.
my only problem is with current…

in my DB (test data) I have a price column (integer)
the Model is :

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base
composed_of :price, :class_name => “Globalize::Currency”, :mapping
=> [ %w(price cents) ]

the list view display the price

<%= product.date_available.localize("%d %B %Y") %>

$<%= product.price %>

but I get : (the dollar currency is still there !)
26 Janvier 2005
$30,00 â?¬

LAst question

is how I define the price entry in my view
i suppose that what I wrote is now sufficient :

<%= text_field 'product', 'price' %>

thansk for yoru help to a newrubies…