Story Runner: 'When..Then..Then..Then' stories

Maybe I’m slow, but I just noticed that the following code…

Then ‘I login’
Then ‘I do something else’

…will output as…

Then ‘I login’
And ‘I do something else’

The same is true for two ‘When’ steps

This may have implications for writing reusable steps.

I’m finding that ‘Then’ step implementations can be reused as ‘Then’ or
‘And’ steps…whereas an ‘And’ step implementation can only be reused
further ‘And’ steps?

Is this correct?
If so, ‘When’…‘Then’…‘Then’…‘Then’ stories would be offer more
reusable steps and keep output that reads ‘When’…‘Then’…‘And’…‘And’.

  • Andy

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