Storing user_id in a form post

hey guys, got a simple question here new to rails and loving it!

i have form

<%= form_tag :action => “answer”, :id => @question %>


<%= text_area “answer”, “body” %>

<%= submit_tag ‘Answer’ %>

and in my controller

def answer

redirect_to :action => “show”, :id => params[:id]

its storing the infromation (body, question_id) but not my user_id ,
how could i store it ?

Before I started writing my applications with a RESTful design, I
always passed stuff like that in a hidden field.

If you go the RESTful approach, you can configure it so that the
user_id will always be part of the request url.

If you have no idea what I mean by RESTful, then I will post back with
some links to get you going. Let me know.

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