Storing URL locations

I have a friendship system where users can create new friendships from
different views. The idea is to redirect them to where they initially
requested, accepted, etc… the friendship. To do this, I need to
store the URL path from where they are sending the request. Is there a
way to save the initial URL (from where the request mas made to the
friendships controller). Any light on this?

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I use the following code to redirect them to the page they requested
they logged in. Maybe this will get you on the right path. I put it in
controller under protected.

Protect a page from unauthorized access.

def protect
unless logged_in?
session[:protected_page] = request.request_uri
flash[:notice] = “Please log in first”
redirect_to :action => “login”
return false

Redirect to the previously requested URL (if present).

def redirect_to_forwarding_url
if (redirect_url = session[:protected_page])
session[:protected_page] = nil
redirect_to redirect_url
redirect_to :action => “index”

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Hi Sean thanks for the response.

I thought about a solution based on your answer, but I am not happy
with it. My solution consisted on having a before_filter on the
controllers I know there might be a call to the friendships
controller. This before_filter will be used to save the URL. And then,
have a before_filter on the application controller where I do this:

if params[:controller] != “friendships”
session[:return_to] = nil

The thing is that having this before_filter every time for every
controller doesn’t seems right.