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I have a suggestion on plain text stories and how unimplemented
are regarded.

When a Scenario has no Give/When/Body mark it as ‘pending’ rather than
‘completed’ as it does now.

This would mean it would work like spec’s ‘it’:


it “eat”
it “sleep”
it “be merry”

3 pending/ Yet to be implemented

How I think Stories should work

Story: monkeys

Scenario: eat
Scenario: sleep
Scenario: be merry

What I think it should output:

3 scenarios: 0 succeeded, 0 failed, 3 pending (Perhaps like specs a ‘Yet to
be implemented’ is shown aswell)

What is actually outputs:

3 scenarios: 3 succeeded, 0 failed, 0 pending

When I write a new story I first create all the Scenarios names and then
through implementing the most important (as dictated by the client).
Often I
leave scenarios not deemed important by the client yet, but do provided
potential further work. It would be very useful if those where marked as

I’m happy to put a patch together but wanted to check with the community
that what I’m saying is sound.
What do people think? Was there a particular reason why empty scenarios
marked as success?

Joseph W.

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