Stop Dieting and Start Living!


Losing weight and shedding body fat does not have to be a sentence to
slavery in the gym and brutal self-punishment every time you sit down
to eat something you actually enjoy.

Discover 5 of the biggest WEIGHT LOSS AND DIET PLAN MYTHS you’re being
told that are stopping you from reaching your fat loss goals and that
are making your life a living hell along the way.

5 Nutrition Myths that are ruining your fat loss success

Myth #1 – A good weight loss programs needs to be complicated, with
calorie cycling and special charts and graphs telling what to eat and
when to eat based on your specific metabolic type / blood type / birth
stone / horoscope sign.

Myth #2 – You must be in total control of what you eat. After all,
weight loss comes from WHAT you eat, not HOW MUCH you eat.

Myth #3 – Intermittent Fasting is only for young people and it’s just
another type of diet fad

Myth #4 – Some macronutrients are better than others for weight loss,
because of the effect they have on rare or recently discovered ‘fat
burning hormones’.

Myth #5 - You lose significant amounts of muscle if you don’t eat
every two to three hours.

The bottom line is that losing weight loss does not have to be
difficult, does not need to involve obsessive compulsive eating or
secret combinations of foods.
Eat Stop Eat is a simple yet highly effective way to lose weight that
while preserving your lean muscle and metabolism. To start living the
Eat Stop Eat lifestyle make your choice below…