: Stockboy - a data capture and manipulation gem

GEM: https://rubygems.org/gems/stockboy
DOC: http://rdoc.info/gems/stockboy/frames
GIT: https://github.com/avit/stockboy

Stockboy helps you receive and unpack data onto your shelves.

Stockboy is designed for consuming periodic reports or data update files
from multiple sources. Featuring a declarative DSL that allows you to
configure different data sources, each with different formats and field
mappings for straightforward consumption by your application domain.


  • Built-in File, FTP, HTTP, IMAP and SOAP providers.

  • Built-in CSV, XML, and XLS format readers.

  • Flexible source-to-destination attribute mapping

  • Field value translation & normalization (parsing date formats, etc.)

  • Filtering rules for different processing workflows

  • Works standalone or in tandem with Rails / ActiveRecord

Stockboy is extracted from our work at Guestfolio, and in active use in
our application’s back-end. We also use it with additional private
custom extensions, so extensibility (like adding special format readers)
was designed to be a straightforward process from the outset.

Version 0.5.1 is released. Contributions and feedback welcome.

Andrew V.

PS, we are hiring at Guestfolio:
Would you like to live and work with us in Whistler, BC?

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