Still missing gnuradio-runtime in OOT modules

I have the latest master installed and tested on a 64bit Fedora 18 .
When I generate an OOT module with gr_modtool i still cannot
since I get the error

– checking for module ‘gnuradio-runtime’
– package ‘gnuradio-runtime’ not found
– Could NOT find GNURADIO_RUNTIME (missing:

when I cmake it.

I followed the instructions for copying the FindGnuradioRuntime.cmake
as suggested in a previous post but it still does not work for me…

Any suggestions?


Hi Achilleas,

sorry if I write something someone else already suggested; I can’t seem
to find your previous post, as you seem to have a lot :slight_smile:
However, the problem is usually pkg-config not finding gnuradio runtime.
So please run
pkg-config --libs gnuradio-runtime
This should return something like
-L -lgnuradio-runtime -lgnuradio-pmt

If it does not return successfully, please find your gnuradio-runtime.pc
and append its path to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH variable.
In theory, this should not be necessary if you installed GNU Radio to
the default prefix or used the “multiple installations” method from the

Hope that helped,