Stickler 0.1.1 Released


stickler version 0.1.1 has been released.

gem install stickler

Stickler is a tool to organize and maintain an internal gem repository.

At times it is useful to have complete control over the availability of
the gems for you testing, staging and production environments. In these
cases you probably do not want to accidentally type ‘gem update’ and get
a new untested version of a gem installed on your machines. This is
where Stickler helps.

Configure stickler with the the names and versions of the gems you
require for your deployment and it will organize and setup everything
that is necessary for a standard web server to function as your internal
gem distribution server.

{{ Release notes for Version 0.1.1 }}

  • 1 minor bugfix
    • remove unnecessary require ‘progressbar’