STDOUT is nil when rake task is run via cron

I have a simple rake script which looks like this

task :test => :environment do
response = %x{date}
puts 1
puts response
puts 2

When I run this directly from the command line, I get the correct

However, when I call this rake task from cron, it gives me:



as the output.

What am I missing here? STDOUT seems to be written as nil or empty
string. Why is this happening?

Cron may have a different PATH set than the user account. It’s
possible that date isn’t in that PATH. In this case the string
would be null, and a command not found message would be sent to

You can confirm this by replacing ‘date’ with ‘which date’ in your
task above and then looking at the resulting output.


I tried “which date” and I still get nil?

Im really stumped on this one. It seems like this behavior has got to be
happening to other people as well, weird.

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