Status of various RoR releases

Hi All,

I was thinking about adding a page to the RoR wiki that had a list of
RoR release versions, and a status for each.

(This all stemmed from me wanting to release a 2.2.2 app when 2.3.3 is
current, and not having any idea whether 2.2.2 is considered safe to
release, or whether it had been deprecated for any reason.)

Anyhow, if I was to create a page, who would I need to speak to to
obtain that information?

So far I’ve been going on the impression I get from checking both bug
trackers and speaking to people on IRC, but those aren’t the kind of
data I’d like to use to create a status page on the wiki :slight_smile:


Ultimately, all such a status page would say was, “Upgrade as soon as
you can; don’t start new projects on old versions”. Rails isn’t like a
Linux distribution, where there are multiple supported versions.
Occasionally a really severe security bug hits and the patch is ported
to previous versions, but that’s only happened once or twice in
several years. Otherwise, development and support is focused on the
current version. If you show up and report a bug in 2.2.2, the first
question is likely to be “have you tried upgrading?”.

–Matt J.