Status of Shipping gem

Hello list,

Does anyone know the status of the shipping gem (shipping API - It seems the last update was on
july 10, 2007, does anyone know if this last version is compatible with
shipping providers it supports, specially the current version of the
API? And is it Rails 2 compatible?

If someone could confirm these data for me, I would be really grateful!


This is probably more what you’re looking for, and is in active
development. From the same people behind active_merchant.

[email protected]

On Sep 15, 4:24 pm, “Marcelo de Moraes S.” [email protected]

This is really interesting, Brady! Thanks for pointing out… I would
definitely use this package it if supported fedex. I would also look
into it
and maybe try to contribute the fedex support if our timeline wasn’t so

What remains left is the shipping gem, which supports UPS and Fedex…
we plan on supporting UPS in a near future, this package make much more
sense than one that is only built to interface fedex.

I think the only way to know if the shipping gem is still good for
production (given the fact that it has been without updates for more
one year) is to actually try to use it in a test application.

However, if someone around knows anything else about this gem and would
to share, I would be very happy :slight_smile:

Thanks again!