Status 0 on proxy MISS


I’m using nginx as proxy for an apache.
Somtimes, on a MISS, the logged status is 0, instead of 200 (or anything
else). The log format is configured like this:

log_format cache '[$time_local] $remote_addr - $request_time - ’
'$upstream_cache_status ’
'Cache-Control: $upstream_http_cache_control ’
'Expires: $upstream_http_expires ’
'"$request" ($status) ’
'"$http_user_agent" ';

The value 0 occurs for the variable $status

Has anyone any idea, what the status 0 means or why it occurs?

Kind regards



I think I found the cause of this error.
In the error log, there are corresponding entries with “Too many open
files”. I’ll increase this limit and check if the status 0 occurs again
or (hopefully) not.


Am 01.02.2012 09:39, schrieb Andreas Martin:


After increasing the open files limits on OS level and increasing the
values for worker_rlimit_nofile and worker_connections in nginx.conf
according to our needs, the error does not longer occur.



Am 02.02.2012 09:20, schrieb Andreas Martin: