Static route

It would seem a simple thing to do but I’m not finding it…

all I want to do is to serve my ‘doc/app/index.html’ API within my Rails

I can’t figure out what to add to routes.rb to allow this to happen.

Someone toss me a bone please


<%= link_to ‘Software API’, ‘http://localhost/../doc/app/index.html’,
{:target => “_new”} %>

Routing Error
no route found to match “/doc/app/index.html” with {:method=>:get}

You could just do:

map.connect “doc/app”, :controller => ‘[insert whatever controller
you’re serving this from]’, :action => ‘index’

And then

<%= link_to ‘Software API’, ‘http://localhost/../doc/app/’, {:target
=> “_new”} %>

in code, this:

<%= link_to ‘Here’, ‘’, :target => ‘_new’

renders this:


that doesn’t work at all…perhaps it’s just me but

routes.rb, I inserted…
map.connect ‘doc/app/index.html’,
:controller => ‘help’,
:action => ‘index’

and when I try to go to http://localhost/doc/app/index.html
I get this error…

Unknown action
No action responded to index

which makes sense because I commented out the ‘index’ method in help
controller but I just want to route a single, static page, no method,
not controller.


Sorry. You can actually do:

map.connect “doc/app/index.html”, :controller => ‘[insert whatever
controller you’re serving this from]’, :action => ‘index’

If you want to include the actual html page in there…

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