Stash 0.1.1: work with data structures servers like Redis using Ruby objects

Stash provides a high-level, abstract interface to data structures
like Redis. Presently Redis is the only server supported, but support is
planned for Membase, and potentially Memcache and Kestrel:

Stash lets you work with Redis Strings, Lists, and Hashes not using an
arcane set of commands, but just like you would with Ruby Strings,
and Hashes.

After configuring Stash, you can retrieve a list using:


and append to it with:

Stash::List[:foobar] << “baz”

Both Stash::Lists and Stash::Hashes are Enumerable and respond to all
favorite Ruby Enumerable methods:

Stash::List[:foobar].inject(0) { |i, v| i + v }