Startup looking for Rails talent

Hello G.s!

This isn’t spam I swear! I currently work for a very young startup. We
are about a month away from our initial release. We are still a bit in
stealth mode but the site is deployed and we have a small user base.

We are based in Irvine, California. Locals are welcome as well as those
who wish to work remotely. Right now there are only a few developers on
the team.

The site is being developed in Ruby on Rails 2.1 with HAML for
templating, Shoulda for testing and LowPro + Prototype for javascript.
Please be either familiar with these or willing to learn then quickly if
you are interested.

The pay is negotiable but we are a startup and most likely equity in the
company would be available. In addition, once hired you would have a
great deal of creative freedom as well as influence on the direction of
the company.

Please post here or shoot an email to [email protected] if you are
interested in learning more.

A little more information about the company itself. The company is
web-based but also is creating extended apps on mobile devices of all
types, as well as extensions to instant messengers and browsers. Part of
the idea is to connect people with others and provide a consistent
experience throughout all their various devices.

The application is largely based on connecting people and keeping people
up-to-date but in a different way from traditional social networking.
Our application uses machine learning and heuristics along with
location, time, and other sensor awareness to be able to predict
information in a way that is useful for the user in being able to
painlessly keep their friends informed.

It is part twitter, part social networking but in many ways it acts as a
supplement to those services because the application has been setup in
such a way as to act as a hub for certain types of information which can
then be broadcasted to a variety of services.