Starting Ruby


i m a web-developer(php).I just started learning ruby.
I already tried basic tutorials online.I also installed ruby on my
But i since not understand where i have to write ruby code & how to
execute it on my machine.(as like php i use zend for writing code &
apache to executing it).
Please help me.


All you simply need to do is start up your console and enter the

rails project_name

Where project_name is the name of the project that you are currently
on. Be sure that you are in the directory that you’d like all your
files to
be created in. For example, I have a directory in my home directory
“rails” where I keep all my rails projects. To run the WEBrick server
you’ll need up and running to view your project in the works) simply
the new directory where your project was just created and enter the
following command:

ruby script/server

Here’s an example of everything you’d need to do:

mkdir rails
cd rails
rails test_app
(long print out of files created)
cd test_app
ruby script/server

Your rails project should be up and running! Check it out here

I hope this helps!




Thank you very much.
Now i successfully executing my ruby files.

Thanks once again.
I hopeful for your help nexttine.

Can you suggest me good editor for ruby like zend for php?


ani vadhavane wrote:

For actually writing ruby code and running it you can use the command


This is the interactive environment for ruby.

Another useful command is

ri [object]

this lets you see what the methods are for each object - very handy when
you are starting out

The other advice you received is more for “ruby on rails” web
applications - please be aware that there are separate mailing lists for
both ruby (by itself - this one) and ruby on rails. This mailing list
is mainly for ruby (by itself), the rails mailing list[1] is mainly for
developing web applications with ruby with the rails framework.

There are many good editors for ruby (sorry I don’t know zend or php) -
my personal favourite is probably vi(m) or scite (on windows) - of
course emacs works really well too. Commercially - Komodo from
ActiveState has ruby support now and Arachno(sp??) is a good editor if
you don’t mind paying.

I’d suggest that as a php developer, you also subscribe to the rails
mailing list as you’ll be exposed more to the web apps part of ruby that
way and as you know php, this will probably help you understand ruby
within the context of web development. Ruby-talk is a great place to
hang around for advice on good ruby idiom and style, but most rails
specific posts should go to the separate list. When you feel
comfortable, you can even try the ruby quiz. There are also other web
frameworks for ruby that you may want to try (Nitro+Og for example) or
the very small Camping from _why.

Feel free to look around the ruby universe - it’s not just Rails
(although I must admit it seems to be the main reason people are picking
up ruby right now)

[1] removed_email_address@domain.invalid


space after punctuation. The Pedants of the Universe thank you.

David V.

If you are using eclipse anyway, you could also give “rubyeclipse”
( a try. If you’re not using eclipse, I wouldn’t
bother installing it only for ruby.
Jedit has a ruby plugin too (



Can you suggest me good editor for ruby like zend for php?

The Zeus for Windows IDE can handle Ruby:

It offers features like syntax highlighting, code folding,
class browsing, macro scripting, intergrated version control,
smart indenting, project/workspace management etc etc.

You can even write Zeus macros using Ruby :wink:

Note: Zeus is shareware (45 day trial).

Jussi Jumppanen
Author: Zeus for Windows


DÅ?a Sobota 11 Február 2006 09:21 ani vadhavane napísal:

Can you suggest me good editor for ruby like zend for php?

If you want something along the lines of an IDE, try either FreeRIDE or
KDevelop if you don’t feel like paying for it.

Please write out words like "and" in full. You also capitalize "I" and put a space after punctuation. The Pedants of the Universe thank you.

David V.