Stange behaviour with internet explorer


I’m developing an application with Rails 1.2.6 and I’ve facing a weird

In a form, I’m using link_to_function that is aggregating a :partial,
the code is as follows:

<%= render :partial => 'bonificacion', :collection => @convenio.bonificaciones %>
Marca Porcentaje Objetivo Mensual Destino
<%= link_to_function 'Agregar Bonificacion' do |page| page.insert_html :bottom, :bonificaciones, :partial =>'bonificacion', :object => end %>

The :partial’s code:

<% fields_for “convenio[bonificaciones_attributes]
[]”,bonificacion do |bonificacion_form| %>
bonificacion_form.collection_select :marca_id,@marcas, :alternate_id,
<%= bonificacion_form.text_field :porcentaje %>
<%= bonificacion_form.text_field :objetivo_mensual %>
<%= :destino,Bonificacion::DESTINO %>
<%= link_to_function
“Quitar”,"try{this.up(’.bonificacion’).remove()} catch(e) {alert(‘JS
  • + ‘\n’ + e.message); throw e}" %>

<%= link_to_function “this.up”, “try{this.up(1)} catch(e)
{alert(‘JS error\n’ + + ‘\n’ + e.message); throw e}” %>
<% end %>

The 1st link_to_function is using this.up(’.bonificacion’).remove()
working w/o any problem with firefox and opera but not with internet
Using try…catch and the alert found internet explorer doesn’t
recognize ‘this.up’ as a valid method, AFAIK is a prototype
(Element.up) method but can not understand the reason for error. I
used the second link_to_function serve to pinpoint the error to

Any help? recommendation? guidance?
If any additional information is required, pls ask me.

Thank you in advance.


Martín Trejo Chávez

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