Standard Output gets swallowed by jruby-complete-1.6.1 on Eclipse after some time

Hello All,
i don’t know where to begin,
after upgrading to jruby-complete-1.6.1.jar from 1.5.1
in my java app after few minutes of tests suddenly
standard output disapears,
no more loging from tomcat on eclipse Console view.
But standard error continues to log into Console view.
Jruby is used through jsr233 as a script console mainly.
So if any one could point me, where to begin,
what to check i would be very grateful.
If any additional details would bring some light on this matter i will
gladly report them.

Best greetings,
Paweł Wielgus.


2011/4/26 Paweł Wielgus [email protected]:

If any additional details would bring some light on this matter i will
gladly report them.

Does your app with jsr223 call terminate method when it is removed
(deactivated?) from tomcat? This might happen implicitly. JSR223 sets
default standard output when it starts. That output stream instance
will be removed from internal table while termination is going on.


Hi Yoko,
first of all thank You for answearing.

As i see it ScriptEngine object doesn’t have
terminate method, so it’s not beeing called.
If You ment terminate method of the application in tomcat,
that is also not beeing called at all,
all my apps are running fine when this is happening.
The initialization of jsr223 is done like this:

ScriptEngineManager m = new ScriptEngineManager();
ScriptEngine scriptEngine = m.getEngineByName(“jruby”);
scriptEngine.setContext(new SimpleScriptContext());

I will check also if jruby-complete-1.6.0 is giving me the same problem,
i will report back.

One more thing,
before it happens, all logiing is working correct, also from scripts.

Best greetings,
Paweł Wielgus.

2011/4/26 Yoko H. [email protected]:

Hi all,
i will investigate this more tomorrow (i hope)
i have more apps that behave like this,
so maybe i will find some common pattern.

Best greetings,
Paweł Wielgus.

2011/9/30 David T. [email protected]:

This is still an issue in 1.6.4. I am running a standalone Java
application invoking the same script many times. I tried :

ScriptContext scriptContext = scriptEngine.getContext();
obj = scriptEngine.eval(script);

with no effect

This topic looks like the same as JRUBY-6101 . Although the reporter
still has the issue on specific platform, but I don’t have on both
OSX and Ubuntu anymore.

If you guys have a chance, would you try the latest version? The
master and jruby-1_6 branches already had a fix.


2011/9/29 Paweł Wielgus [email protected]: