SSL with Thin Server

Hello All,

My Project consists of :-
Rails - 3.2.8
Ruby - 1.9.8
Server - Thin
& Devise - 2.1.2

I have added force_ssl in ApplicationController.
Then thin start --ssl.
It took me to https, but with red cross. Not trusted site.

I tried with creating the certificate with -

Still the same.

Can anyone suggest? Do we need to buy ssl?


On Mon, Jan 6, 2014 at 5:18 AM, Avi [email protected] wrote:

Can anyone suggest? Do we need to buy ssl?

Yes, unless you trust your own certificate or create your own
authority and trust it. For development an untrusted local
certificate is just fine, for the public (even though now days it
might be worthless) you’ll need another authority to sign your
certificate for it to gain trust because that’s the way things are
right now.

I’d suggest RapidSSL

Sorry for the late reply.

Can you please suggest some ssl options?
Which is the best one to go for?