Ssl_requirement not working

Forgive me if this isn’t 100% rails, but I’m trying to get
ssl_requirement to work and it sends my app into an infinite loop
because @request.ssl? is always returning false, even if I’m using

For some reason, my @request isn’t getting any SSL info: neither
@request.ssl? nor @request.env[“HTTPS”] return true.

I’m using pound/mongrel with a trial certificate from verisign. I’m
missing something…

Thanks in advance,

Further inspection: whether I’m at or I still get the following:

@request.port → 80
@request.protocol → http://
@request.ssl → false

What gives? Server setup?

What sort of deployment are you using ? If you have apache proxying to a
bunch of mongrels for example then (because the actual bit in between
apache and mongrel isn’t SSL) then you need to do something like
RequestHeader set X_FORWARDED_PROTO ‘https’
in your apache conf so that this information gets as far as the mongrel.


My host provider is saying this: "Unfortunately with Apache 1.x it is
not possible to pass the header using the proxy directive, you would
also have to pass the header from pound to mongrel. "

Are there any other suggestions for how I can detect if the user is
using an SSL connection?


That’s what I suspected… Thanks Fred I’ll talk to my host provider.
I’m not used to not having 100% control over my environment.