$ssl_client_verify not working?

Hi, i was wanting to return a 403 when invalid client certificate
however Nginx 1.9.6 returning 400 Bad Request, The SSL Certificate
Seems to return 403 fine when no certificate is submitted, but any clues
getting it to return a 403 work when invalid (signed by unauthorised CA)
certificate submitted.

Nginx server block -

server {
   listen       443 ssl;
   server_name  server.com;

   ssl_certificate   /etc/nginx/server.crt;
   ssl_certificate_key  /etc/nginx/server.key;

   ssl_client_certificate  /etc/nginx/client_ca.crt;
   ssl_verify_client optional;
   ssl_verify_depth 2;

   if ($ssl_client_verify != SUCCESS ) {
   return 403;

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… i also tried adding below, but still wouldn’t return a 403?

   error_page 400 =403 /;

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Does anyone know of any way to re-map a 400 response code?

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On 13 Apr 2016, at 03:01, Ramon_Ali [email protected] wrote:

  server_name  server.com;


error_page 495 496 =403 /403.html;

Igor S.

Ahh, as i wasn’t seeing the 495 and 496 codes in the logs, only 400 i
assumed that what i needed to re-map. Using 495 and 496 works

Thanks Igor.

2016/04/14 21:46:51 [info] 7#7: *1 client SSL certificate verify error:
(21:unable to verify the first certificate) while reading client request
headers, client:, server: server.jetstar.com, request:
“GET /
HTTP/1.1”, host: “server.com - - [14/Apr/2016:21:46:51 +0000] “GET / HTTP/1.1” 403 168
“curl/7.40.0” “-”“/C=AU/ST=NSW/L=Sydney/O=ex NSI/OU=HQ/CN=Ramon’s
Key/[email protected]” “/C=AU/ST=NSW/O=NSI/OU=HQ/CN=Cert
Authority/[email protected]”;“FAILED”

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