SSL certificate and rails


Newbie Q:

Building a webstore and need to have SLL-encryption on the checkout
I have no previous experience with SSL.

I understand that I need a SSL-certificate. I’m planning on purchasing
the cert from RapidSSL, but to do that I need to generate a CSR
(Certificate Signing Request). How do I do that?

How do I install the certificate on the server? Are there any guides on
this topic? How do I configure rails for SSL?
I’m feeling a bit lost here…

OS: win xp pro
rails: 1.1.2
ruby 1.8.2


I’ve not done it with lighty, but with Apache it’s a breeze. Just google
“apache ssl install” or a variant and you should get far.

Also, if you’re building a web store, at least check out Substruct as a
to start from.


On Tue, May 30, 2006 at 10:04:44AM +0200, Daniel wrote:

I’m feeling a bit lost here…
SSL is (almost) entirely a web-server level thing. You’ll want to ask
sorts of questions somewhere else (such as the lighttpd list, but help
generating CSRs is off-topic there, too). By the time the HTTP data
gets to
Rails, all the SSL magic should have been done and dusted.

Practically, I think most of your support questions should be asked of
chosen CA. They’re the ones taking your money, after all.

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