SSL Certicate fix didn't work

Running Window 7, ruby 2.2.1p85 (2015-02-26 revision 49769)

I updated gem to 2.2.3 per the instructions.

Now ‘gem install rspec’ simply hangs - no messages.

Any thoughts as to what to try next?

Hi Garold,

Not sure what you think this has to do with SSL certs.

When using Ruby 2.1.5 I could not install any gems due to the SSL issue.
When I upgraded to Ruby 2.2.1 that issue seems to have gone away.

However, I did read somewhere that the gem software is broken on Windows
(no explanation, just broken.) I may have reverted to an earlier version
of the gem software rather than upgrading to a newer version. Not at
work so can’t be sure.