SSL backend support for imap proxy

From what I can see in the forum archives, the mail/imap proxy does not
support encrypted connections to a backend imap server. This still
to be the case with the latest mainline version. Are there any plans to
that? It would be really great if our nginx imap proxy server could
talk to
our imap servers directly over a secure connection and not require
or some other work around.

Additionally, it would really help us out with a current issue we are
facing. We would really like to be able to proxy imap connections for
of our users to and to our local imap server for other
However only supports a secure imap connection and
with stunnel still fails ( we get “upstream sent invalid response”
error ).
Has anyone successfully gotten nginx to proxy imap connections to If so, I would really like to hear how you did it.

The flexibility of nginx as an imap proxy has been wonderful and having
be able to talk to and do ssl would make it that much


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