SSH Tunnelling and Rails Development


I decided to use MySQL Query Browser to look over my database remotely
through SSH. I’m currently on Windows Vista and had decided not to use
PHPMYADMIN, mainly because others gave me good reasons not to via
security issues.

I opened up putty, configured SSH > Tunneling to point to localhost 3306
and added this to my saved putty session which connects via SSH to a
very unknown port. In essence, this would allow me to SSH to my server
remotely and also create a tunnel that mysql query browser can use

What I found out by accident is that when I opened netbeans to work in
development it automatically connected to my development database
remotely through the SSH tunnel.

So, I was able to work on my development app on my production box
through my IDE. Now, I’m sure others might have already known this but
I actually found it very nice for testing purposes to be able to utilize
the DBs on my production box against the code I’m writing.

Anyhoo, I thought I’d share this with anyone that didn’t know you could
do this.

If you need more information, holler.