SRIF Workshop 2015

Hi everyone,

I wanted to pass out information on the 2015 SRIF (Software Radio
Implementation Forum) workshop that we’re hosting as part of this year’s
ACM Mobicom conference in Paris. There is a lot of great work going on
SDR right now, and I know a lot is happening in Europe, so this is a
fantastic opportunity for people in this area to get together to talk
software radio. I’m the technical co-chair of the workshop this year, so
really hope to see a lot of GNU Radio papers submitted.

This should be a great venue for discussions on interesting problems in
implementation. We are starting to see a huge amount of interest in 5G,
IoT, millimeter wave, and virtualization and therefore how software
can play a role in these areas. Though that list is full of buzzwords,
still represents some significant challenges that we are looking at as a

And though I can’t guarantee this right now, I am pushing for an open
access policy on papers submitted to SRIF, and I will be promoting the
sharing of data, code, and papers to try and enhance the level of
interaction and the evolution of our field.

For more information on SRIF 2015: