Squirrel and acts_as_rails

I have been using Squirrel (thoughtbot case studies featuring design and development projects for websites, mobile and web applications.)
for performing rails searches. It really takes the thinking out of sql
conditions and makes it so much more like normal ruby syntax.

I have recently been using the acts_as_tree gem(http://github.com/
jcnetdev/acts_as_tree/tree/master) for a Group model that has
children, grandchildren etc. Squirrel works well for the children and
parent methods since these are normal associations but for methods
like “ancestors” and “all_children” which are recursive methods ,
squirrel won’t work.

I don’t fully understand how squirrel uses associations. Can you think
of a way that squirrel could be used in this kind of way

Group.find(:all) do

Many thanks