Squelch_base_cc.h not installed

I am trying to use the Power Squelch CC, but when I go to compile I get
following error:

/opt/local/include/gnuradio/analog/pwr_squelch_cc.h:27:10: fatal
error: ‘gnuradio/analog/squelch_base_cc.h’ file not found
#include <gnuradio/analog/squelch_base_cc.h>

It looks like the squelch_base_cc.h is not getting installed when
is built. squelch_base_ff.h does get installed.

I think the problem is that squelch_base_cc.h is not included in this
Cmake.txt: gnuradio/gr-analog/include/gnuradio/analog/CMakeLists.txt

Would adding squelch_base_cc.h here fix it?

Hi Luke,
yes, you’ve got a point. And, yes, I guess your fix would help. Have you
already tried manually copying squelch_base_cc.h to
/opt/local/include/gnuradio/analog ?

How fit are you with git? I’d like to encourage you to make that fix,
commit it (best case into a branch that indicates what’s happening) and
then push it to your github repo, opening a pull request after.