SQLite3 to Postgre Problem

Hi, guys. I’ve got my app running on my machine, but when I upload to
git I get the following:

Migrating to CreateUsers (20120408201839)
Migrating to AddIndexToUsersEmail (20120417073358)
Migrating to AddPasswordDigestToUsers (20120418010408)
Migrating to AddRememberTokenToUsers (20120419082857)
Migrating to AddAdminToUsers (20120420011332)
Migrating to CreateAppointments (20120424081820)
Migrating to AddUserToAppointments (20120426121458)
Migrating to AdjustUserTable (20120426153043)
Migrating to AdjustUserTable2 (20120426163329)
Migrating to ChageDataTypeOfData (20120427104706)
== ChageDataTypeOfData: migrating

– change_table(:appointments)
rake aborted!
An error has occurred, this and all later migrations canceled:

PGError: ERROR: relation “appointments” does not exist
: ALTER TABLE “appointments” ALTER COLUMN “date” TYPE date

Tasks: TOP => db:migrate
(See full trace by running task with --trace)

I assume that it is due to some inconsistency between SQLite and
Postgre, but I am not sure how to go about fixing it. I will continue
looking for the answer, but if anyone can point me in the right
direction, I will be thankful.

The error message is telling you the problem:

relation "appointments" does not exist

Can you post the contents of your CreateAppointments migration file? I’m
assuming this is where the appointments table should be created.