Sqlite3 1.3.5 - ZOMG Holidays are here Edition Released!

sqlite3 version 1.3.5 - has been released!

1.3.5 / 2011-12-03 - ZOMG Holidays are here Edition!

  • Enhancements * Windows: build against SQLite 3.7.9 * Static:
    Statement#clear_bindings! to set bindings back to nil
  • Bugfixes * Fixed a segv on Database.new. Fixes #34 (thanks nobu!)
  • Database error is not reset, so don’t check it in Statement#reset!
  • Remove conditional around Bignum statement bindings. Fixes #52.
    Fixes #56. Thank you Evgeny Myasishchev.
  • Internal * Use proper endianness when testing database connection
    with UTF-16. Fixes #40. Fixes #51 * Use -fPIC for static
    compilation when host is x86_64.

In case you wonder how to get this, simply use RubyGems:

gem install sqlite3


gem update sqlite3

This release is sponsored by all the love Aaron P. (tenderlove)
give us with his contributions.

Enjoy your happy weekend!