SQlite server for multiple users,

There use to be a product called SQLite Server:

  • it has since been sold to Real Software (makers of RealBasic). This
    product as I understood it allowed for remote access to a SQLite
    database amongst other things. This got me to thinking. Is it
    practical to build some sort of queue system to have RoR talk to instead
    of SQLite directly? What I mean is, I can see situations where I want
    multiple users to use one SQLite database, since SQLite is not built for
    this it seems like a person could tack on a front end to SQLite that
    would queue the incoming requests and write them synchronously to

Its not always practical for me to install Postgres or MySQL on a
client’s system, sometimes SQLite is enough, but it would be nice to
have it so as the user base grew you didn’t have to worry about multiple

Does something like this already exist? Does this even make sense to
anyone else?