SQLiki: Help

Hi you all,

I am starting a project about a semantic-enhanced wiki. I’ve seen there
is a generator called SQLiki, but I’m rather new to Ror and I don’t
really know how to proceed with this. I download the zip and, before
making it works… should I create the database with its tables and its
stuff… or can I do it later? I dunno :frowning:
Thank you.

(I post on this same topic…) After having download the gem file of
SQLiki, readign the README file I’ve realized this generator does not
come with any login generator… So, should I use whatever? I mean, the
creator says he use this with LoginGenerator but… could I use it with
AuthentificationGenerator instead?


For 1.2 you can use Restful Authentication. For 1.1 check out Acts As
Authenticated plugin.

Hi you all again,
I’ve installed SQLiki on Windows XP through Gems:

gem install “SQLiki”

But when I try to run:

ruby script\generate sqliki Wiki
it does not recognise this generator.

I’ve downloaded and unzipped the file and tried to install it in
but… I don’t have such directory…:S

What can I do?

Thanks, and sorry :frowning: